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Marquette Marching Band


This group rehearses during the summer and after school. Students must be a member of Concert band, Symphonic band, or Wind Ensemble to be a member of the Marching Band. This is an exciting group and a highlight for band students each year.

The Marching Band performs at all home football games and competitions, and often also travels to participate in Festivals or Competitions in other states.

Marching band begins the last week of July and ends in early November.

The Marquette Mustangs Marching Band strives to develop a tight-knit family of passionate, diverse individuals in a safe, accepting environment and to enliven the community through awe-inspiring musical and visual performance.

What To bring to band camp

  • Positive attitude!
  • Eat breakfast (ex: cereal, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage, protein bar, granola, and juice) and drink a glass of water. If you skip breakfast and don’t start the day with a glass of water, you will pass out!
  • Lyre and flip folder (get those at your local music store) PUT YOUR NAME ON IT
  • Wide-mouth ½ gallon water bottle with handle (Coleman, igloo, etc.). Campers are responsible for making sure they are drinking enough water. Therefore each camper is required to bring a labeled water jug. The adult volunteers will provide healthy snacks, cool rags, first aid,
    and large water coolers to refill camper’s jugs as needed at practices. PUT YOUR NAME ON IT
  • Light-colored, modest clothing – dark-colored shirts not advised!
  • Instrument and adequate supplies: reeds, cleaning stuff, etc.
  • Tennis shoes with good arch support (we always march in tennis shoes) – make sure it’s okay to get these dirty!
  • Sunglasses and Hat
  • Sunscreen – put it on before you get to camp each morning.
  • Bag to carry music, sunscreen, towel, rain gear, hat, and sunglasses to and from the field – Helps keep your stuff together! PUT YOUR NAME ON IT.
  • Lunch for each day (unless otherwise directed). Pack in a cooler or insulated lunch bag. Lunches will be stored inside the building. Snacks will be provided out on the field during breaks. 
  • Bandana and/or towel
  • Travel deodorant that can be reapplied.
  • Rain gear
  • Prescription meds and Over-the-counter meds (all meds must be recorded by band directors if needed during the day at camp)

Tips For the Marching Season

Practice once or twice a week (percussion and guard have their own schedule).
Band Camp is mandatory. It is held in mid-July.
Try to get doctor visits/family time, etc. during the summer as it is really hard to get anything done during marching season.
Once school starts, practice will be after school until 5:30. (Practice ends at 5:30, but students then need to help bring the equipment in from the practice field, so often it is later.)
Students will receive two T-shirts (one MARQUETTE BAND and one show shirt). Nonguard members will also receive a dry-fit undershirt/shorts for uniform purposes. Marquette Band shirt can be worn to school on spirit days and may be worn at some football games. “Show” shirt will represent the theme of that year’s show and have the competition schedule on the back. These are worn during competitions after the performance.
Students must wear the dry-fit under uniforms. Most students will wear the dry fit to competition under their jeans and show shirt. This makes it easy to change into/out of uniforms on a bus.
Football Games:
Students need to be in uniform (with socks, shoes, and instruments) by 5:30 pm for warm-ups. Guard and Percussion will have their own call time and schedule.
Parents are encouraged to sit behind the band in the band section of the stands. It is very important to support the band.
Held on Saturdays. These are all-day and often late-night events.
The band will travel to schools, perform the show, and compete for trophies. There is usually a preliminary and a final performance. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend to support the band.
Often the exact itinerary isn’t known until a few days before the competition, so leave the day open if possible. The competition websites can give you general information, directions, format, etc. The website,, provides lots of information and can usually link you to the website for a specific competition. Send your student with $20 for food at the competition.
Some years the band will take an overnight trip to participate in an out-of-town competition. This is usually in October. The band also takes a Summer Trip once every 4 years, usually to Florida. 
Parental Involvement:
We need it!! Every parent needs to volunteer in some way. Band Booster meetings are held monthly and are a great way of finding out what is going on. We need all families to assist us with props/equipment at one football game and one competition day. (You can do more than one – so don’t limit yourselves – it is fun!)
Fundraising: Usually 1 per quarter. Participation is optional. 2 big band fundraisers are Craft Fair and Trivia Night. We need everyone’s help with these.
Tips for success in the band:
Be on time and be prepared.
Stay hydrated.
Don’t freak out. It will be hard at first, but you will get it.
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