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Band Booster Advisory Board

Fundraising CHAIR


David Steidtmann
Genevieve Steidtmann


Melissa Melnick

Props/BUILDING Team lead

Keith Franklin

Volunteer Opportunities 

Activities Team Opportunities:
Band Camp
Family Picnic
Craft Fair

8th Grade Night
Pancake Breakfast

Senior Night
Band/Year-End Banquet
Band Concerts
Rock N' Roll Bingo

Volunteer Team Opportunities:
Concession Stand
Parent/Volunteer Recruitment
Family Picnic
Parent Communications
Craft Fair
Rock N' Roll Bingo

Communications Team Opportunities:
Website, MTK, and Graphic Art
Social Media
Parent Communications
Photography and Videography

Fundraising Team Opportunities:
Individual and Dine-out Fundraisers
Craft Fair
Rock N' Roll Bingo
Pancake Breakfast

Props/Scenery Team Opportunities:
Prop Building
Equipment Storage and Organization
Small Engine Repair
Band Stand Bleacher Team

Uniform Team Opportunities:
Inventory Management
First-Aid Team
Colorguard and Winterguard Liaison

2023/2024 Band Booster Executive Committee

Vice Presidents

Aaron Goltzman
Jessica Goltzman

Band Booster Committee Descriptions

Activities Planning Team

Plans, organizes and coordinates team building events and activities designed to promote camaraderie, cohesiveness, team spirit, friendship and self-esteem among band members and their families.  Organizes and coordinates all hospitality and entertainment activities for the marching band throughout the year. This team will assist in the planning of the band activities like the band camp & band camp evening activities, receptions after band concerts, 8th grade night & Senior night and the marching band banquet dinner.

  • Band Camp Activities Team

    • Coordinates along with Volunteer Coordinators. Responsible for scheduling and ensuring shifts are filled with volunteers during the 2 weeks of band camp.  Volunteers will arrive at 7am to set up and return at 12:00 pm to help clean up. Setting up/break down tents & shaded areas, providing water and snacks each day of Band Camp.

    • Also responsible for planning, scheduling, managing, overseeing the evening activities of the marching band summer camp. (i.e. the pool party, the movie night, the game night, etc…)

  • Family Picnic Team

    • Reserves a park pavilion, purchases food, beverages and supplies, organizes volunteers to grill, creates communication for students and families (everyone brings a dish), set up, and cleanup. This event is usually in July.

  • Craft Fair Team

    • This is our biggest fundraising event and we need as many volunteers as possible. We will need a co-chair to help advertise and promote the event, a co-chair to help coordinate vendors and donations and a co-chair to help with parking and logistics. We will also need several volunteers to help with the planning, organizing, setting up, running and breaking down of the Craft Fair. This annual Band Booster fundraising event is held close to the early-Fall shopping season, usually the first Saturday in October.  

  • Pancake Breakfast

    • Students and parents are invited to enjoy a breakfast by Chris’s Pancakes. This committee is responsible for booking Chris’s Pancakes, decorating and cleanup.

  • 8th Grade/Freshman Liaison Team

    • Responsible for ordering food, setup, serving, and cleanup on 8th Grade Night. Team provides a welcoming environment for prospective band students to provide a glimpse of the marching band program. 8th Grade night is usually in September and the pizza party and activities are held in the Commons, prior to the last home football game. Talks to freshman parents during the April Parent Info. meeting, and handles emails over the spring and summer from parents with questions and helps our 9th-grade parents get acquainted with our band program.

  • End of Year Banquet Team

    • Determine caterer/food, create flyer & program, acquire senior gifts, decorate the Commons and host the annual banquet in December. Coordinates with senior students in planning the program’s content. (This has traditionally been an activity organized by the Senior parents.)

  • Senior Night Team

    • Responsible for coordinating with photographer to have enlargements made of senior photos, hanging the senior photos in the football stadium before football game, purchasing and pinning corsages and boutonnieres for each senior student. This team also helps plan, organize and oversees the end-of-year banquet dinner where they coordinate with the senior students in planning the program’s content. 

  • Rock n’ Roll Bingo Night Team

    • This team is in charge of planning, organizing, and running the annual marching band fundraising event. Duties include overseeing the silent auction, soliciting donations, organize donations for baskets, create written bid pages for baskets and the decorating and cleanup after event.


Volunteer Team

Create sign-up sheets for all the volunteer opportunities throughout the year using MTK. Compile names, addresses, email addresses from registration forms and create a contact list. Collect all the volunteer sign-up sheets and assign them to their designated teams. Note any positions not filled and work with Booster Board and Band Directors to recruit new volunteers. Organizes staffing sign-ups for any event requiring volunteers such as concession stand, parent recruitment, family picnic, craft fair and Rock n’ Roll bingo fundraiser.

  • Concession Stand

    • Band Boosters share the responsibilities with the Sophomore class of supplying and running the concession stand. We will need 2 volunteer coordinators, 2 inventory coordinators and 2 finance coordinators.   Concessions Stand Coordinators & Co-Chairs plan, organize and oversee the purchases of inventories & supplies, concession stand sales, and instructs new volunteers on how to set up the stand and how to prepare burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, nacho cheese, etc… The concession stand is open during all home Freshman/JV Monday night games & all Home Varsity games on Friday nights.

  • Parent/Volunteer Recruitment

    • This team works to recruit volunteers through various activities such as handing out booster information leaflets during carpool, meeting perspective volunteers at the Family Picnic and other networking events throughout the season.

  • Family Picnic Team (see description above)

  • Parent Communications

    • Communicate all band volunteer information to band families via MTK. This team will also work with the Website Team and utilize the Marquette Bands website, Membership Toolkit and/or social media to announce band events and distribute band information. 

  • Craft Fair Event Team (see description above)

  • Rock n’ Roll Bingo Night Team (see description above)


Prop Building Team

This committee consists of a Crew Leader and General Crew members. Team works with Band Directors to build and maintain props that are used on the field at band competitions. Light carpentry/mechanical skills are helpful. The committee can also use people with no carpentry/mechanical skills to assist in the building process. This is a fun and creative committee.

  • Prop Building, Equipment Storage/Organization, Small Engine Repair

  • Traveling Props Team

    • This team is responsible for moving percussion equipment and props on and off the field at football games and competitions.  For every competition and a few home football games, we need a group of 10 to 12 volunteers to help assemble and move the prop equipment from the trailer to the field to perform our show. This is a very important job that is critical in helping our performance run smoothly. This team also provides water and snacks to the band members at competitions and home football games.

  • Band Stands Bleacher Team

    • This team (usually 2 parents) will put the black, padded seat covers on the bleachers & prepare water jugs before home football games (by 6:30pm) and set up seat markers to reserve the seats for the band parent’s seats behind the band.


Communication Team

Communicate all pertinent band information to band families. This team will also work with the Website Team and utilize the Band Booster website, Membership Toolkit and social media to announce band events and distribute band information. 

  • Website, MTK & Graphic Artist Team

    • Responsible for maintaining the Marquette Band Website and creating marketing forms, flyers & documents. Responsibilities: Ensure our website {} and Membership Toolkit contain timely, accurate information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, the fundraising events of the marching band, color guard and other band organizations.

  • Social Media

    • This team is responsible for announcing band events, distributing band information and sending out approved band photography/video.

  • Parent Communications (see description above)

  • Historian Photography/Video

    • This team captures photographic/video records, event information and quotes throughout the school year. The team takes pictures and video of the students during summer band camp, Friday night football games, and band competitions. All parents are encouraged to send pictures & video to a Google drive and at the end of the year, the team will put together a photo and video montage of the year in review set to music!


Uniform Team

This team coordinates the fittings and distributes marching band uniforms and accessories prior to the marching band season. Throughout the marching band season, the team will help distribute uniforms before the home football games & competitions, help with any last minute uniform problems, check-in and organize uniforms after competitions and football games, and get uniforms ready to be loaded on truck for competitions. No sewing skills are necessary.

  • Inventory Management

    • This team organizes, inventories, and manages the uniforms, accessories and band closet items before, during and after the marching band season.

  • First Aid Team

    • Restocks supplies in both first aid bags in late May and restocks throughout season. This individual needs to be available on the first day of Mini Band Camp and the first day of Regular Band Camp. A medical background for this position would be helpful but not required.

  • Color Guard/Winter Guard Liaison

    • This team acts as a liaison between the guards and marching band to ensure that all communications and expectations are clearly understood between all groups. It is also important to make sure that all groups feel heard and represented.


Fundraising Team

Works with different fundraising suppliers throughout the year to offer students opportunities to earn money for their individual band accounts. Coordination of various fundraisers including sponsorships to assist in Band Boosters fundraising efforts. Also helps facilitate the major marching band fundraising events like the Craft Fair & Rock n’ Roll Bingo.

  • Individual and Dine Out Fundraiser Team

    • Provides the opportunity for students to earn money for their individual band accounts. Arranges 'dine out' fundraiser nights at local restaurants to help make money for the general band fund.

  • Craft Fair Event Team (see description above)

  • Rock n’ Roll Bingo Night Team (see description above)

  • Sponsorship Team

    • This team will coordinate the selling of individual and corporate sponsorships, stadium and event signage, and the advertising and promotion of the Marching Band program.

  • Pancake Breakfast (see description above)

  • Finance Team

    • Works with Treasurer to assist with handling deposits, payments, and student accounts. Pick up forms and payments regularly from the black box. Responsible for monthly budget reporting. We need to have Co-chairs that represent all the classes of students (For example: we need a volunteer that is a Freshman parent, Sophomore, Junior & Senior parent.)

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