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Christian Pierce


Assistant Band Director

2022/2023 Band Booster Executive Committee

Vice Presidents

David Nelson
Aaron Goltzman


Sherri Rogers
Michele Franklin


2022/2023 Band Booster Committee Chairs


Concessions Stand Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Melissa Schermer

Volunteer Coordinator

Melissa Melnick

Props Coordinators

David Nelson
Aaron Goltzman
Keith Franklin


Rock n' roll Bingo

Mike Clutts
Sara Pelikan


Volunteer Opportunities 

Executive Committee Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Treasurer
Co-Chair Secretary

Activities Coordinator Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Position: 8th Grade Night
Co-Chair Position: Pancake Breakfast
Co-Chair Position: Senior Banquet
Co-Chair Position: Band Concerts

Communications Coordinator Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Position: Google Sign Up/Remind App
Co-Chair Position: Publicity/Social Media
Co-Chair Position: Website

Concession Stand Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Concession Stand Leader
Co-Chair Position: Finance
Co-Chair Position: Inventory
Co-Chair Position: Volunteers

Craft Fair Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Craft Fair Leader
Chair position is Available: Vendors
Chair position is Available: Donations
Chair position is Available: Concession Stand
Chair position is Available: Logistics/Parking

Fundraising Coordinator Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Position: Advertising
Co-Chair Position: Restaurants
Co-Chair Position: Sales & Marketing
Co-Chair Position: Sponsorships

Props/Scenery Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair position is Available
Rock n' Roll Bingo Co-Chairs Needed
Chair Position: Sponsorships
Chair Position: Donations
Chair Position: Marketing
Chair Position: Decorations
Chair Position: Logistics

Senior Committee Co-Chairs Needed
Chair Position is Available
Co-Chair Position: Photographer
Co-Chair Position: Videographer
Co-Chair Position: Recognition

Uniform Coordinator Co-Chairs Needed
Co-Chair Position is Available
Co-Chair Position is Available

Volunteer Coordinator Co-Chairs Needed
Chair Position is Available
Co-Chair Position: Hospitality
Co-Chair Position: Newcomer/Welcoming
Co-Chair Position: Recruitment
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