We have an upcoming concert on March 2. Here is all of the important information relating to the concert, please read thoroughly and carefully.

  1. Students learning from home may attend their band's concert. If attending the concert, students will need proper PPE (musician mask, bell cover/woodwind bag) and to attend their ensemble's after school rehearsal.

  2. Attendance at 1 after school rehearsal is required to perform in the concert

    • Concert Band (5th hour) - March 2 from 3:30-4:30pm

    • Symphonic Band (6th hour) - March 1 from 3:30-4:30pm

    • Wind Ensemble (7th hour) - February 25 from 3:30-4:30pm

  3. Our concert attire will consist of all black. Please see the attached document for attire deemed appropriate for the concert.

  4. Concerts will be staggered. Audience members may only watch the ensemble their student is performing in. Students and their families must depart school once their performance is complete.

    • Concert Band - 6:00pm performance

    • Symphonic Band - 7:00pm performance

    • Wind Ensemble - 8:00pm performance

  5. When students arrive before their performance, they may place their cases in the following locations and wait for a director to guide them to the theater.

    • Concert Band - Commons stage

    • Symphonic Band - Band Room

    • Wind Ensemble - Commons stage

  6. 2 audience members will be allowed for each performer. Audience members must wear masks at all times, sit in designated seats, and complete the QR code posted at the entrance to the theater